Wildlife Photo Challenge Day 4-B

This is day 4 of the photo challenge requested by my friend Don Bromberg.  A bunch of photographers from all over the planet are participating and it will be easy for you to participate too.

Choose 7 of your favorite photos and share them each day on your timeline to your friends and the world. I challenge ALL my photographic friends to this challenge.

I call this one “Reward for a Good Stick”. Over the years that we’ve been watching Great Blue Herons we have noticed that during “Mating” season, while the male is in building mode, the female will reward him when he returns with an acceptable stick for the nest. We assume that it’s acceptable, the female usually takes the stick from where the male builds with it and relocates it. I guess that’s universal.

Sometimes while I’m standing next to an admirer on a boardwalk or path they often comment that the herons don’t appear blue but gray. “Why are they called blue herons?” Well, I didn’t “color” these birds, I just made it possible for the natural colors to be seen in the photo. These blue herons are certainly great.

Day-4B_Heron_Love Reward for a good stick
Reward for a good stick

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