Wildlife Photo Challenge Day 3-A

This is day three of my photo challenge requested by my friend Don Bromberg. A bunch of photographers from all over the planet are participating and it will be easy for you to participate too.

Participation… Choose 7 of your favorite photos and share one each day for 7 days on your timeline to your friends and the world. I challenge ALL my photographic friends to this challenge.

This is a Quaker Parrot feeding on berries at the top of a tree in the Costco parking lot on Sample road in Deerfield beach. I’ve taken thousands of photos of wild Quaker Parrots since 1996 when I first found them along the beach in Lauderdale-by-the-sea just north of Fort Lauderdale beach where we were living. Then I was shooting with film but I still captured many shots of these little green angels as they lived their lives in the wild along the coast. In the course of 20 years I’ve captured them on film and digital all over Florida, Texas, and Washington state. In 1999/2000 my wife and I were part of a group that mapped and counted nests around Florida for the state and for several publications. Jo and I co-authored with Mattie Sue Athan, “Parrots In The City” a book about how the Quakers “Monks” fill a natural niche left by the extinct Carolina Parakeet.

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All shots in this series may be reviewed on my blog following the 7 days.


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