Seattle’s Public Market

When someone mentions Seattle, most everyone sees the “Public Market” sign image in their head. It’s iconic for Seattle. When Jo, my wife of 45 years, and I visited Seattle in the summer of 2018 with a 4 hour layover one of the first things I thought of was to visit the Iconic “Pikes Public Market” in downtown Seattle. Even though it’s not a “bucket list” item it did make sense to, at least, make an attempt to experience the market. We put our luggage in the hold at the train station and decided to walk to the market, it was about a mile away.

If you haven’t been there before one of the first things you will notice about Seattle, coming from flat Florida, is that there are some pretty steep hills in downtown Seattle. You will also see that every single road and sidewalk in town, thanks to the growth of Amazon I’m told, was being renovated. The third thing is most obvious, it’s crowded! evidently there was a baseball game AND an ” Blue Angels” air show happening at the same time so getting around town was a bit tedious but also fun.

I’ve seen several TV shows about the market but they usually feature the food, or flying fish, or restaurants, or the vendors. Nowhere did anyone offer any information about all the flower vendors and the beautiful and unique flowers that covered one end of the market. All I can say is, WOW! The colors and smells of the flowers were mindbogglingly beautiful!  Below is a short show of some of the beautiful flowers we saw as we made our way through the crowded market.

Like so many people before I fell in love with the market and want to return very soon.

JMD 8/18

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