Roseatte Spoonbill – Ding Darling

Yesterday we ventured to Ding Darling via Clyde Butcher’s gallery on 41. There wasn’t much happening at Ding except a couple Rosies. This is a simple, short 4K UHD video I shot while the sun sat behind them. It’s a pretty impressive and colorful video if you open it on a connected 4K monitor in UHD. Open this is Vimeo and click to full screen to see it in 4K UHD. It’s full 4K.
As the sun was setting behind me several young brown pelicans circled and landed on the sandbar to the east offering a great pose as the banked for the landing.
One white Pelican was playing peek-a-boo with me as he stretched as if to shake off a busy day of hunting.
Ding Darling
Cormorants are usually quiet birds that slip in and out of the water without a sound or a splash unless they are bathing then they look like an out-of-control whirlpool washing machine.
The remaining reddish egret, we lost our favorite ones to watch this winter to red-tide poisoning was a fleeting silhouette as he streaked past the viewers.
Reddish Egret, Ding Darling
Reddish Egret, Sanibel Island (Ding Darling)
Then, how could you possibly miss the glowing Snowy Egrets heavily back-lit in the bright Florida late afternoon.
Snowy Egret – Sanibel Island, Ding Darling
Sometimes you can capture some amazing images using the light and position that you have. Control of every shooting angle is impossible. Deal with it and keep shooting.
Roseate Spoonbill, Ding Darling, Sanibel Island

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