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I produced many TV shows, programs and videos for a very long time, since I was in my early 20’s. It’s been a passion and has enabled me to have a creative outlet for my photography and videography  since I left high school. Many of you know my background but for those who don’t you can catch up a little by reading the side bars on the blog.

About 15 years ago I decided to take my photography into the realm of wildlife photography; this was after I spent 5 years intensely photographing the parrots who lived in our home.  Then, in 2010, I starting producing short videos I branded “RELAX” videos. The RELAX videos are embedded in this blog.

RELAX videos are a bit different from the fast cut, music pounding videos normally produced today. I have done enough of those in my life. The sound of RELAX videos are usually fully natural sounds or very easy listening, specially selected audio cuts from purchased  production libraries to “spice” the visuals. Visuals are slow progressing so you can stop for a little while and enjoy watching beautiful wildlife or scenes with natural or easy sounds.

Please feel free to watch and share these videos at your convenience. I hope you can actually RELAX while experiencing the full HD quality of the visuals on a large TV/video monitor, tablet or super large full screen HD system. Sit back, click these to HD 720 or 1080 shoot them out to your big screen and sound system and enjoy the wildlife of South Florida.

Wetland Wildlife –

A truly relaxing video with many bird species found in South Florida Wetland areas.

A Day in The Cay – Life is Art

This production highlights the Green Cay wetland park in Palm Beach County. 

Rookery Chicks – Cattle Egret, Anhinga, Night Heron

This video highlights the feeding frenzy of Cattle Egret chicks and the exclusive bathing habits of a Black Crowned Night Heron, nothing like it anywhere.
Listen for the sounds of the Quaker Parrot flock flying overhead.

Waterfall Deluxe –

10 minutes of natural waterfall pleasure, I shot this one in Green Bay WI during a seminar training week.

Beach Sunrise –

A peaceful and serene video of sunrise at Daytona Beach, FL

Sandhill Cranes – grazing around me

I was able to sit on the ground and become a part of their grazing path without alarming them.

Beach Sunrise Part II-

A peaceful and serene video of sunrise at Daytona Beach, FL

Wakodahatchee Wildlife –

A day in the life of the Wakodahatchee wetland park

Parrots in the Power Grid

A look at the Quaker Parrot in the power grid in Deerfield Beach

Spoonies (Roseate Spoonbill) of South Florida

How the Roseate Spoonbill lives in the wetlands of South Florida. Beautiful birds living among the masses.

Special Wildlife video clips

Wünderman’s Heron feeding chicks

Spoonies at Wakodahatchee – time-lapse process

Charlie the American Bittern VS the Snake – time-lapse

If you like any of these videos please share them with your groups so others can see them also.
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