Personal Distancing

My wife and I have been exploring Florida for over 4 decades together. We have some very secluded and very special places we visit in the everglades region of South Florida so when personal isolation became the mandate it was very easy for us to accomplish that goal because we practice it regularly. Yesterday, Saturday, our distancing adventure took us to a very secluded area where only a few fisherman, with families now in tow, even know about. It’s on the map, sort of, mostly because I’ve been there.

Great Blue Heron in the skies over the grass of the Everglades

The cool, fresh, everglades air caressed our faces as we enjoyed a healthy lunch in our open windowed Jeep. The temperature was in the low 80s but that cool breeze from the grassy waters surrounding us cooled it at least another 5 degrees.

Quiet Beauty

There seemed to be a bounty of great blue herons dancing in the sky and they were fishing for a late dinner before they settled for the night.

Sunset with the GBHs Taken with : Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Canon Settings:1/3200 s at f/7.1 ISO 2000 Lens Model: Sigma 410 mm 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports 014 2020/03/28

The blue of the sky, the green of the grass and the browns of the reeds reflected perfect hues from the fiery red sun through the grass behind us.

Alligator in the Glades

There were also many alligators in the waters below us all along this dusty road. They were looking for an ill bird or very slow turtle.

As you look at these images, imagine the quiet beauty, serenity and openness surrounding you. Imagine the calls of other great blue herons in the distance. Imagine the cool wind rustling the tall grass around you. Finally, imagine fresh air in your lungs, breathe in, breath out.

Sunset with the GBHs Taken with : Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Canon Settings:1/1600 s at f/9 ISO 800 Lens Model: Sigma 420 mm 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports 014
American Bittern skims the cattail tops as he changes position for the night hunt.
American Bittern on the move

I hope you all find some way to enjoy and thrive during this period of personal distancing. Take it seriously, It could save your life.

Jon-Mark Davey

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