Jo’s Paragliding Adventure during our 45th No-Regret Anniversary, July 2018

Here is something a little different… My wife, Jo, and I celebrated our 45th anniversary (2018) and decided to celebrate it in Jackson Village, Tetons and other areas. The thing is that she turned 65 that year and decided to jump (Paraglide) off a perfectly good mountain in the Tetons. So, being the photographer/videographer I decided to shoot the jump. Jumping wasn’t my dream but capturing the Tetons from top down was. Her jump was recorded using several small cameras, a Yi 4K 60fps SHD SONY chip camera was my main device on her helmet and a GoPro on a stick along with my Canon 5Ds and some big glass.
This is by no means an ad for the jump company at all just a super HD video of some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet starting at 11,000 feet from the peak at the southern end of the mountain range just above Jackson Hole Village. The really cool part is that the day was absolutely perfect. The early morning sky was breathtaking. The raw video captured with the 150 degree lens on the 4K camera capturing 60FPS was amazing. This was recorded using high end cameras at high resolution. Now, here’s the amazing part. I assembled (edited and scored) the video on my cell phone. It was not captured on a cell phone just edited there. So, if you ever wanted to para glide off an 11,000 foot mountain but were a little anxious about it, show this on a big HD screen with surround sound and you will get a thrill. Oh, Jo, my wife, got to fly with a hawk!

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