Florida Wildlife Joke

One afternoon an Eagle, a Caracara, and a Vulture walked into a bar in Kenansville looking for cocktails, all 3 are after all male. As they started to regale each other with their conquests of the day the bartender asked “John Crow the Buzzard”, as his friends called him, his pleasure for drinks.
“I’d like a Boston Buzzard’s Breath cocktail with extra peppermint schnapps, please”, replied John. The bartender looked over at the Caracara and asked for his drink order, “2 Dos Equis, and add a worm please”, he replied. Next the bartender turned to the Sam the Eagle and offered a gentle nod letting Sam know he was ready for his drink order. “None for me sir, but keep those drinks coming for these two, bring some more nuts too”, Sam replied energetically, “I’m having them over for dinner later”. Davey-2020

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