Florida Lighthouses

I love lighthouses and Florida has some of the best and most historical houses in Northern America. In fact we have one of the tallest standing just south of Daytona Beach, Florida on the north side of Ponce de Leon Inlet.


When I took this shot we were staying in Daytona for a school conference with friends and were headed to a sunset diner on the shore of Ponce Inlet when we passed the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. It’s the scond tallest in the lighthouse system. Built using over a million red bricks, fabricated locally in the 1800’s this beautiful structure has a workign light and is property of the city and run mostly by volunteers. It’s a great place to stop and shop for souvenirs, it’s also a great climb with a super view. Jo, my wife, and I have climbed it on the same day as the one in St. Augustine…. In August. WHEW!!

This shot is an in-camera HDR composite made from 3 shots at 2 f/stop intervals. The HDR offers super contrast as well as deep sky and illumination colors.

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