Be Creative while being shut-in at home

To help combat the mental fatigue of being locked in the house for 11 full weeks during the Covid virus remediation Jo and I have been working on creating new things or creating old things new ways. This kind of falls under the creating old things new ways.

I love eggs and veggies for breakfast, some people call them omelets. Omelets are boring. For a few days I’ve been working on creating the same egg breakfast, differently.
Beginning to cook at 275 Degrees
Here is how: Select several nice red, yellow, or orange bell peppers from the store. Tall ones are good but short plump ones are better. With a very sharp knife make 4 perfect slices short-ways to make 3 – 1/2″ slices. Select a very straight pan that will fit all the slices on the flat surface. They have to lay perfectly flat and can not creep up the sides or they will leak. Lightly scramble 2 fresh eggs in a mixing cup, no need to whip them and don’t add milk. Heat the pan to 275-325 deg and lightly brown the edges of both sides of the pepper. Be very careful not to break the pepper when it’s turned.
Adding the 1st layer of egg
At about 275 degrees gently pour a thin layer of egg in the center of the pepper and let it flow to the edges, like pouring a pancake. Do this to all 3 peppers before filling the pepper. If you get a leak like in the image above let the egg cook a little longer to harden and block the leak.
The 1st, thin egg layer starts to cook and seals the edges.
Wait 30 seconds for the thin layer of egg to begin to cook. Then, gently pour more egg into the centers of the three peppers again, do NOT fill to the top of the pepper, it will overrun.
Adding 2nd egg layer and seasonings – Add meat if you like
Let cook for 30-60 seconds. Sprinkle seasoning on each pepper to taste, I use smokey paprika and Braggs seasoning.
Use a lid to keep the heat on top of the pepper to begin cooking.
Cook for 1 minute or until you are sure that the entire pan side of the egg is cooked. I like to wait until the top part of the egg has begun to harden, but I like well-done eggs.
Gently flip all 3 peppers
Scoop out of the pan and serve. Overall this takes about 10 minutes depending on how hard you want your eggs.
Omelet made a different way
If you like a little meat in your omelet then add chopped meat after you add the 2nd layer of egg. Be sure not to overflow the edge of the pepper so that the egg doesn’t run out of the pepper. Bon appetite!

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