Memorial Video, Jon Daniel

This past Sunday my son JP and his wife Jacky held a memorial service celebrating the life for their first-born child, a son, who survived for only a short time after birth.  Jon-Daniel was named after two important people, my son and a special uncle of JP’s who passed away in 2010.

I produced a short video memorializing Jon-Daniel’s life while both inside his mom’s womb then after he was born. This was shown at the end of the service and many of our friends, family and attendees wanted to see it in the privacy of their own homes.

Here is a link to Baby J as he was called until we learned his gender after birth. You can see the video here or click to Jon-Daniel’s blog, Not compatible With Life at http:/

God bless you as you watch this video, produced in love for my grandson, Jon-Daniel Davey. Born and died September 3, 2013. Rest in peace our baby.


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