Be Creative while being shut-in at home

To help combat the mental fatigue of being locked in the house for 11 full weeks Jo and I have been working on creating new things or creating old things new ways.

Creating a Scene

Creating a Scene – We were bored, this is week #7 for us not being able to get outside and enjoy life.

Picking up Groceries

The next time you go to the grocery store be sure to take a great camera with a really big lens.

Florida Wildlife Joke

One afternoon an Eagle, a Caracara, and a Vulture walked into a bar in Kenansville looking for cocktails, all 3 are after all male.

Personal Distancing

My wife and I have been exploring Florida for over 4 decades together. We have some very secluded and very special places we visit in the everglades region of South Florida so when personal isolation became the mandate it was very easy for us to accomplish that goal because we practice it regularly. Yesterday, Saturday,…

Wildlife ART

Many of my friends on Facebook groups and in real life, not that FB isn’t real life, have encouraged me to show more of my wildlife pictures via the blog so people who are not connected through FB can enjoy the pictures too. Thank all of you who have requested this. With that in mind, I’m going…

Bears of Summer

Each time I venture into the Smokey Mountains I anticipate seeing and photographing bears, black bears to be specific. I say that because some people think there are other types of bears in the Smokeys, there aren’t, only black bears, and plenty of them spread out over the mountain range. If you are looking to…

Owls of Vista View Park

This birding season, early 2014, the Burrowing Owl sightings and photographs have been spectacular! One of the main Owl locations is Vista View park in southwest Broward County, Florida. In early May I had an opportunity to visit Vista View park, a Broward County park, reclaimed dump, to see and photograph one of the smallest…

Buhl Mansion – a fairy tale castle

Every once in a while, a photographer receives a choice assignment in a super venue. In June 2014 I was invited to participate as the Photographer for a family member whose wedding was being held in an elite and beautiful venue, the Buhl Mansion in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Sharon is located about an hour north of…

Florida Lighthouses

I love lighthouses and Florida has some of the best and most historical houses in Northern America. In fact we have one of the tallest standing just south of Daytona Beach, Florida on the north side of Ponce de Leon Inlet. When I took this shot we were staying in Daytona for a school conference…