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MAKE FOLDERS Zip file download.

This is not an official FACTS process. I’m providing it with instructions to enable you to easily create folders in a clean folder or drive for your students.

Click to download zip file > Make_Folders

This zip file makes folders for schools who need a lot of folders created quickly to store student documents.

Use of this file is personal and FACTS is not liable for it’s use.

You can UNZIP this package into a new folder or thumb drive.

Below is the readme.txt file (Instructions)


This process is a “Mass Folder Creator” programmed to create a large number of
file folders with student names so you don’t have to hand type all the names yourself.

Make Directory by Jon-Mark Davey
**** Warning, this is an unofficial script – use at your own risk, this won’t delete anything but it has the potential of creating a lot of folders in a place where you don’t want themĀ  ****
—- The purpose of this script is to make blank student folders in mass, one for each student
—- This is the first step in migrating cum folders from your software to RenWeb
—- This process only makes blank folders. PERIOD! But it makes 100s in a couple seconds!
—- This part of the process is NOT the first part!!!
—- This works for the “Windows” file system not Apple/MAC


– This is NOT a close your eyes and punch the button script, you will need some setup.
– Run this BAT file in a completely EMPTY folder or in a blank thumb drive.
– This script has the potential of making a lot of folders very quickly – that’s the goal actually!
– Make sure you TEST this with a just a few student names first, you can easily delete a few folders if you create them in the wrong place

You will need:
1- a thumb drive OR a separate hard drive (you can create a folder in “My documents” but that’s risky- There is no way to know how much storage is needed until you start downloading files from your current software
2- create a folder (Make a directory) on the drive or service you will be using, I call mine “mystudents”
3- copy all three on these files (copy them from the zip file) that came with this package to that new BLANK “mystudents” folder – this is important!!!
4- DO NOT run (or double click) makedir.bat file yet because there are no active names in the que until the batch file has been edited.
5- open the file.txt file in “notepad”, or some editor, so that you can read and edit it.


Let’s get started …
Let’s get an overall goal planned for this procedure and set some expectations.

This process was scripted to make it very easy for you to create lots of individual folders, one for each of your students, with their name on the folder to make it easy for use later.

The folders we’re creating are used to hold (backup) your students’ “portfolio” data you are exporting from your previous software.

Most school software allows you to mass export from their system into a local drive or cloud storage system. That may be a simple “print to PDF” command or you may have to install PDF creator software on your computer. If you do not have software to create the pdf try The basic system is free and that’s all you need for this purpose. When you print using this system your final pdf file is the same as printing it to paper, it’s final.

Here is the first process that you will need to perform.

1- Create a report from your current software with these two fields from the student records. We need first name, and last name. This process will use those two names in the text file (file.txt) to make the directories.

Export “lastname” “firstname” so your folders will alphabetize on their last name for easy location. If either of those fields have more than one name in the field the batch file processor will include those names properly (up to 4 fields).

Usually the file makes a pass through excel. Save this file as a Text(MS-DOS)(*.txt) format file. There can be no special hidden characters in the file or it will fail. You may want to test the batch file processor on a small number of names to test first.

You can save the file as file.txt and over right my example file or save the file and rename it to file.txt.

The example file I sent is so you can test to make sure it works for you using a few names that you can delete after the test.

Your file.txt should look something like this, NO COMMAS, last name first then a space then first name:

Abbott Carl
Abbott Julie
Adams Erin
Adcock James
Adkins Daniel
Alexander Gray
Alexander Toni
Allen John
Allison Elizabeth
Ambrose James
Anderson Colby
Arciniega Allen
Atwood Cale
Bailey Chad
Bailey Davis
Baker Daniel

This script will create a blank folder for each line, pretty simple.

Let's review

1 -create an empty folder to build this in (d:\mystudents)
2- copy these three files to that folder (readme.txt, file.txt, makedir.bat)
3- run a test (run makedir.bat) it will use the student names I have provided.
4- check the folder to make sure the folders were created in the proper folder
5- export students’ names from your software
6- create file.txt with your students’ names (one student per line as explained above)
7- run makedir.bat
8- check to ensure the folders were created properly
9- export student portfolios to their folder
10- import students’ portfolio files into RenWeb, you can select all the files in a folder at once to upload

** If a student does not appear in FACTS SIS then the student is not enrolled. You can add students as graduates, inactive, withdrawn, pre-enrolled, and they will not be considered “active” students that incur a charge.

This will save TONS of time creating folders!

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