Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, originally uploaded by QuakerVille.

This is a beautiful summer picture of the Pigeon Forge mill. This mill was originally built-in the early 1800’s as an iron forge mill which defined the city name.
This same building has also been a grain mill, electricity generator building, and Iron foundry. Currently, as has been since the mid 1900’s, the mill is maintained as a tourist attraction.
Old Mill in Pigeon Forge
My family and I have visited this mill since 1970’s and I have wonderful pictures of it in many stages, even before the Mill Restaurant was built next door.
Old Mill in Pigeon Forge
Should you be at the mill on a bright and clear day the photos can be outstanding.
Old Mill in Pigeon Forge
These were was taken last week during our vacation to the cabin in the mountains.

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  1. janie2 says:

    I always enjoy your photographs. Lovely

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thank you for reading and responding. I hope I offer things that make you smile and take a minute to enjoy life a little.

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