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Welcome to Jon-Mark’s Social Media platform.

I am commencing this platform for those who want to see my photographs and participate in my experiment of being able to enjoy a Social Media experience outside the other big, international services who not only filter your speech but track your every move to make a hefty profit from businesses. Your activity on this service is not tracked, I don’t sell or give your personal attributes or activity to anyone. I’m not monetizing your information.

With that said, I do hope to build this platform large enough to be able to charge $10.00-$15.00/year to users to help me pay for the servers to make this run. That won’t happen for a while though.

One of the reasons I am opening this up is for other photographers is to be able to offer links to personal or business web sites so that you can decide whether or not to click their site to order prints, or coffee cups, or whatever. I am friends with many fine professional and amateur photographers and artists who don’t have a starting place to bring people to look at and maybe purchase their images.

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